Enjobs provides the full complement of talent related consulting services to help clients attract and manage their leadership assets. From executive search to temporary contracting assignments, Enjobs recruitment team is skilled in identifying and delivering premier talent to its clients. Our consultants are all human resources professionals who have significant industry experience and have worked in a variety of human resources roles. This allows our consultants to understand both conceptually and practically, what it takes for human resources professionals to succeed.

Enjobs is built on a very unique concept of providing employment to talented women who have had in-depth corporate experience in multiple functions but who cannot do a 9-6 job due to various constraints like pregnancy, small children, single parent, health or other such issues. Enjobs recognizes and respect the talent and experience of such women in need and provide them with flexi jobs to be done from home as per their comforts and schedule. Thus, it helps them in earning a sustainable, continuous and independent regular income. In the process, ENJOBS also provides them regular training and introduces them with the nuisances of entrepreneurship.

Over the years we have seen that the commitment level of all our associates towards each assignment is extremely high, due to their being co-owner in the organization. It is this spirit of independence, responsibility, team work, leadership and entrepreneurship that keeps the Enjobs team always ahead of its competition and delivers high quality results to each of our clients.

Our Clients